Eddy Rubin


Art Biography

About Eddy Rubin Eddy was born in Detroit, Michigan during a tumultuous, incredibly pioneering and creatively explosive time in 1968. A child of the '70s, Eddy was first exposed to the arts through a camp called Tamarack in Brighton and Ortonville, Michigan. He participated in tie dye, painting, sculpture, pottery, pencil drawing and a slew of other artistic mediums, providing him a well-rounded true appreciation for the arts in general where he also learned the "art" of action and execution or "paint to canvas" all the way to completion of his own masterpiece. This engrained Eddy with a sense of discipline and outcome.

Then, came the end of the '70s when Eddy's Mom saw his potential in art and fully supported it by enrolling him in extracurricular art and paint classes after school. One of his true art conduits was an eccentric, essential oil loving, incense-burning, renaissance studio-owning woman, who lived and breathed painting in a place called Indian Village, in the heart of Detroit. Eddy's time with this truly gifted art savant would prove to be the catalyst of Eddy's love for art and the foundation for what would ultimately lead to his true potential in painting and would prepare him for his sudden rise in the art world after a pivotal encounter with his youngest daughter, Madeline while helping her paint a picture that would alter the course of Eddy's life forever. Between 1979 and 1982 Eddy built a body of work which was displayed in his family home's front foyer in a gallery-style display. Little did he know that he would not paint again until 2021.

Eddy Boy Eddy vowed to use that freak encounter between him and his daughter as an epiphany and a genesis to launch into a channeled and inspired painting career, using that moment and a secret, new technique to derive what people have likened to Vincent Van Gogh. He also wanted to be in the business of art which has quickly evolved, as well as being lucrative, in a very short time. Eddy has attained collector status with many of his loyal clients who invest in multiple works mostly due to the unexplained and visually stunning color pallets and inexplicable technique and the end result that provides them an old-world art feel and ultimately a masterpiece composition. Eddy's work satisfies the most discerning color desires and fulfills people's passion for the unexplainable joy in each discovered irony in color and revelatory imagery.

My Daughter Madeline
My Daughter Madeline