Eddy Rubin

The Buzz

Eddy has built quite a strong following of art collectors and enthusiasts in a relatively short time. Below are just a handful of comments from owners of Eddy's unique art works.

" I have had the pleasure of knowing Eddy for over two decades. He is one of the most creative, talented and artistic people I have ever met. When he recently revealed some of his new paintings to me, I was absolutely floored! I could not believe the way he blended such vibrant colors in a way that simply made me feel happy. I had to own one. "
~ Peter Morley
Lake Tahoe, NV

" I'm just a novice when it comes to art. I either like a piece immediately, or I don't. It's just that simple for me. Eddy's art piece compliments the vibrant and colorful decor in my home perfectly. It only took me 5 seconds to love it. I think I'll need another piece for my vacation home in Florida. "
~ Glenn Gelano
New York City, NY

" There's something very moving and touching that wells up inside of me, creating a sense of peace and joy whenever I stare at master Eddy's painting. It's unlike any feeling I get from my other painting, though I love and cherish them all. "
~ Stephen Hunter
Los Angeles, CA